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ConnectOne Bancorp, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Bancorp of New Jersey, Inc.

ConnectOne Bank logo with the Bank of New Jersey logo

On behalf of the ConnectOne Bank team, we are please to report that our previously announced acquisition of Bank of New Jersey, closed on January 2, 2020.

Bank of New Jersey ("BONJ") will continue to operate as a separate entity under the Bank of New Jersey name.

At this time, clients of BONJ will not experience any changes in day to day business. We expect to fold BONJ into ConnectOne Bank later in the year and will continue to communicate details of the changes.

We are excited about the opportunities we'll be able to offer Bank of New Jersey clients once the transition to the ConnectOne Bank platform is complete.

Our teams are working diligently to ensure that this is a seamless transition and will continue to update this page with new developments.

A link to the full press release can be found here.

There will not be any impact to your Bank of New Jersey accounts for now. Later in the year, you will receive a packet from ConnectOne Bank prior to our system conversion. This packet will provide you detailed information about your accounts, changes to your existing services as well as information about the products and services we offer. Our teams will also be available to guide you through the conversion process along with any questions you may have.

At this time, you will continue to conduct your day to day business at the same Bank of New Jersey branches you've become accustomed to. In May, BONJ will convert to the ConnectOne platform, at which point, you'll enjoy access to locations across New Jersey, NYC, Long Island and the Hudson Valley.

Bank of New Jersey will be operating as a separate entity until May 2020 and therefore will not be able to support ConnectOne accounts.

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