We're locked in on processing your client payments
Image-based system can be customized for your needs

There's no need for your employees to get bogged down handling every payment that comes to your business. Increase efficiency by having customers and clients send checks straight to a post office box accessed directly by ConnectOne. From there, we'll fast-track them into your accounts and provide you with a wide array of data on your deposits.

Wholesale Lockbox

  • Faster collections processing
  • Reduce staff mail-sorting time
  • Have checks deposited directly into the account of your choice
  • Access high-quality images of each check
  • Access an accurate archive and perform analysis of your payables
  • Flexible, customized solutions for each client
  • Process electronic payments through your own customized website

Retail Lockbox

  • Receive all benefits of wholesale lockbox services
  • Scannable coupons and a retail lockbox application enable the automated capture of receivable data
  • Place stop payments, variance ranges, date criteria and positive acceptance files on payments
  • Multiple demand deposit accounts can be serviced from the same P.O. box, with all funds directed to the correct account
  • Get access to a lockbox dashboard to review items, pull copies of all checks and run customized reports
  • Flexible, customized solutions for each client
  • Process electronic payments through your own customized website 

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