Gift Cards

The perfect gift for any occasion
The perfect present for the hard-to-gift person

A great way to display your generosity is to send a ConnectOne Bank MasterCard gift card. Your friend, family member or other acquaintance can use the card like cash and use it to purchase whatever their heart desires.

  • Pre-paid cards are backed by ConnectOne Bank and MasterCard and accepted almost everywhere
  • Cards can be issued for amounts ranging from $10 to $500
  • Gifts cards are free to ConnectOne Bank account holders
  • Cards contain no personal data and present no security risk
  • Pick up cards at any ConnectOne Bank location in New York or New Jersey

More Gift Card Information

Gift cards have become increasingly popular, but there is still some confusion at times on how and where to use them. Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

  • If you want to make an online purchase, register your card online with your name and address. When completing your purchase, your billing address should match the address you’ve registered.
  • If the purchase price of an item is greater than your card's value, you can use a second payment method (debit card, credit card, check or cash) to cover the difference. Simply tell the cashier how much to deduct from your card and how much you’ll pay with the second method.
  • If your attempted purchase is denied, your available balance is probably less than the purchase price. Ask the merchant to deduct the amount remaining on your card and then use a second form of payment for the purchase balance.
  • You can return items purchased with your gift card. Some merchants will credit the refund to your card. Others will give you store credit or cash. Bring your card and receipt when you make the return.
  • Your card has a “Good Thru” date embossed on its front. If a balance remains on your card after that date, please visit or call your local ConnectOne banker and we'll issue you a new card.
  • Gift cards are not accepted at service stations
  • Report lost or stolen cards by calling ConnectOne at 866-742-8692
  • You can check your balance on your card online or call 866-742-8692

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