Security Center

Our priority is to keep your identity and account information safe

Tools & Resources


General Tips for Fraud Prevention

Get the resources you need to help keep yourself safe from fraud and cyber attacks.


Wire Safety

Wire transfers are an easy and fast way to send money, but are extremely difficult to reverse. Stay in the know on how to keep your wires safe and secure.


Financial Literacy For Elders

Many financial scams specifically target seniors. Knowing the warning signs for scams and elderly abuse can help you avoid falling for them.


Attorney White Paper

Check out our Attorney White Paper for tips and tricks to protecting your law firm. 


MyCard Manager

Control how, when, and where your debit card is used. From locking your card, to setting spending limits— learn how to always be in the know about your money.


Lost or Stolen Card?

Is your ConnectOne credit card or debit card missing? Don’t panic. Contact us and we’ll make sure no one uses your cards to do any damage.