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Our team of experts is focused on understanding and supporting the financial needs of your practice. Your firm can benefit from the knowledge of our relationship managers and our full suite of customized banking solutions. From simplifying the management of your escrow accounts to establishing a working capital to support your business' cash flow, we can help you every step of the way.

  • Personalized service from start to finish
  • 24/7 access to free online and mobile banking
  • Competitive rates and access to decision makers
  • Mobile solutions to help you bank on the go
  • Deposit checks using our mobile app or a scanner at your office
  • Cash flow solutions to effectively manage your payables and receivables

Whether you're an attorney or law firm in New York or New Jersey, we have a win-win that doesn't require any courtroom negotiation! With a IOLTA or IOLA account, you can simplify account management while generating interest to support legal aid for people who otherwise could not afford it.

  • Interest paid on collected balances
  • Master account with unlimited number of sub accounts
  • No minimum opening balance
  • Monthly master account statement which includes a listing of all sub account names, account numbers and month-end balances
  • Monthly statements for all sub accounts listing the activity for the month
  • View master and all sub account balances
  • Transfer funds from sub accounts to the master account

This service is perfect for property managers, landlords, attorneys (non-IOLTA/IOLA accounts) or anyone needing to hold deposits in escrow for another party. A "master" checking account in the name of the property manager, attorney or other is opened and acts as the hub for individual interest bearing sub accounts, which are opened for each separate deposit.

  • Interest paid on collected balances
  • No minimum opening balance
  • Monthly trial balance report produced each month listing the activity on the master account and all sub accounts
  • View master and all sub account balances
  • Transfer funds from sub accounts to the master account

We understand that in your line of business, timing can be everything. Whether you need to optimize your cash flow or are looking for more capital for a buy out, our team of experts are here to help.

  • Working capital lines of credit
  • Letters of credit
  • Flexible term loans
  • Real Estate financing


*Subject to Credit Approval

In your line of business, timing is everything and sometimes that means making a trip to the bank can be difficult. Empower your business with the ability to print official bank checks in minutes right from your own office!

QuickPrint offers you a dedicated secure portal to print official bank checks with these benefits:

  • Print multiple bank checks
  • Simplified check reporting
  • An online check register to view all checks generated
  • A secure, encrypted printer

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