Visa® Gift Cards

The perfect gift for any occasion
The perfect present for the hard-to-gift person

A great way to showcase your generosity or gratitude is to send a ConnectOne Bank Visa® gift card. The card can be used like cash and is perfect for any occasion. 

  • Graduations
  • Show appreciation
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Holidays
  • Thank Yous


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Prepaid gift cards, backed by ConnectOne Bank and Visa®, are accepted almost everywhere - both virtually and in-person. They can be issued for amounts ranging from $10 to $500 and are free to ConnectOne Bank debit card holders. Gift cards contain no personal information and present no security risk. 

There are no activation or hidden fees associated with these gift cards. 

Activate and Register your new ConnectOne Bank Gift Card

There are four easy ways to activate your new gift card. 

  1. Download our Mobile App.
  2. Scan the QR code provided on the 'Scan' tab. 
  3. Visit this link from your desktop or mobile browser. 
  4. Call 844-909-1634, and follow the prompt. 

Use the image to the right to help locate card information while activating. 

Please note: We encourage you complete the registration flow in the event that your card is lost or stolen.


1. Download our Mobile App to get the most out of your gift card experience. 

2. Click "Activate Card" or "Register" at the bottom of the login screen.

3. Follow the prompts to set up and enjoy your new card. 

Other features available to you with the Mobile App: 

  • Activate & Register - Activate and register your gift card straight from the mobile app to start using within minutes.

  • Turn Your Card On or Off - If you misplace your gift card, you can turn it off to prevent any purchases until you turn your card back on. Please note, if your card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately.

  • Get Real-time Transaction Alerts - Receive push notifications for debit card transactions over a certain dollar amount, online, international and declined purchases, gas station visits, or account credits.

Your sign on information will be the same for the mobile app and the website. 

Please note, each login only supports one gift card. If you have multiple gift cards, you will need to register will multiple profiles. 

Scan the QR code from your phone.

  1. Open your device's camera application.
  2. Center the QR code in the frame.
  3. Click the "Open in..." URL bar that pops up.
  4. Click the icon the says "Activate My Card" 
  5. Follow the prompts and answer the questions on your screen to successfully activate and register your card. 

Please note: We encourage you complete the registration flow in the event that your card is lost or stolen.

QR Activation Code

  1. Navigate to the page or click the "Activate & Register" Button at the top of this page. 
  2. Click "Activate My Card"
  3. Enter your card number located on the back of your card (no spaces)
  4. Identify your Expiration Date Month, Year, and 3 Digit Security Code in the drop downs
  5. Register your card by providing your personal information*
  6. Create a username and password to track your cards' usage
  7. Set and answer security question to secure your account

*Please note, you must provide a mobile phone number for multi-factor authentication. 

Please note: We encourage you to complete the registration flow in the event that your card is lost or stolen.

* Please note, activating your card over the phone will not register your card. We recommend using the "Scan" or "web" method to register your card for an added layer of protection. 

  1. Call 844-909-1634.
  2. Listen to the menu options all the way through. Activation will be the last option
  3. Enter your card number followed by the pound sign (#).
  4. Enter your expiration date as numbers. For example, "1222".
  5. Enter your 3-digit security or activation code located on the back of your card. For example, "123".
  6. Listen to the remaining options and press 2 to set your pin, then press pound (#). 
  7. Reenter your pin and press pound (#). 
  8.  Start using your new gift card!

Please note: We encourage you to complete the registration flow in the event that your card is lost or stolen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Only current ConnectOne Bank clients are able to purchase gift cards. Click this link to order online now. Don't forget to have your ConnectOne Bank Debit Card handy! 

To order gift cards online, you must use your ConnectOne Bank debit card. If you don't have a ConnectOne Bank debit card, please contact us at [email protected] or 844-266-2548 so we can help you. 

Please note, physical gift cards are not currently available to take home same-day in our retail offices. 

Your card can be used for purchases anywhere Visa® is accepted. 

To use your gift card for online purchases, register your card online with your name and address. When completing your online purchase, your billing address should match the address you’ve registered.

If the purchase amount is greater than the balance of the funds available on your card, ask the merchant to only charge the exact amount available on the card and then pay the remaining purchase amount balance using another payment method. If you do not inform the merchant prior to completing the transaction, your gift card may be declined.

Need to return an item purchased on your card?
No problem. Depending on the merchant, the refund may be credited to your card or issued as a store credit or cash. You may need to present your card and receipt with the return. There may also be a 3-5 day delay for the refund to post to your card. 

Yes, of course! We actually encourage it. Registering your card not only allows us to protect you and your account should anything happen to it, but also let's you track your spending and balance with the use of our mobile application, ConnectOne Bank Gift Card.

  1. Navigate to or click the "Activate & Register" Button at the top of this page.
  2. Click the "Sign In" button or icon. 
  3. Click "Need Username?"
  4. Enter your card details where prompted. 
  5. Register your card by creating a username, password, and selecting two security questions to respond to and include their responses. 
  6. Enter your personal information including phone number* and address.
  7. Double check all of your information is correct.
  8. Review and submit. Click continue if all of the information is correct.
  9. You're all set to use your card's full benefits!

Download the ConnectOne Bank Gift Card app today. 

You can check your balance and track your spending in the following ways:

  • Call the toll free number on the back of your card (844-266-2548)
  • Log into our gift card website anytime
  • Download our Mobile App

No, you will not be charged a fee for making a purchase at participating merchants.

If you believe your gift card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately at 844-909-1634. Contacting us by phone is the best way to minimize your potential losses. The gift card may be replaced with certain restrictions, you must provide the card number and you must have registered as the recipient.

If your attempted purchase is denied, your available balance might be less than the purchase price. Ask the merchant to deduct the amount remaining on your card and then use a second form of payment for the purchase balance.

If the purchase price of an item is greater than your card's value, you can use a second payment method (debit card, credit card, check or cash) to cover the difference. Simply tell the cashier how much to deduct from your card and how much you’ll pay with the second method. Some merchants may not accept these "split transactions". If you fail to inform the merchant prior to completing the transaction, your gift card is likely to be declined.

You can return items purchased with your gift card. Some merchants will credit the refund to your card. Others will give you store credit or cash. Bring your card and receipt when you make the return. You may experience a 3-5 day delay in returned funds while the return is posted to your account. 

Your card has a “Good Thru” date embossed on the front of it. If a balance remains on your card after that date, please connect with your local banker or contact us to request a new card. 

While we no longer support the MasterCard gift cards program, here's some helpful information if you still have yours. 

  • If you want to make an online purchase, register your card online with your name and address. When completing your purchase, your billing address should match the address you’ve registered.
  • ConnectOne Bank MasterCard Gift cards are not accepted at service stations.
  • You can check your balance on your card online or call the number on the back of your card.
  • If your MasterCard gift card has expired, please contact us at 844-266-2548.

Please visit for our full Gift Card disclosure. 

How can we help you?

Contact a ConnectOne Bank representative to learn more.

Message and data rates may apply when using our mobile app. iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

*If you have elected to temporarily turn your debit card off, there are circumstances in which a transaction may still be approved. For example, recurring transactions such as subscription service or membership like Netflix™, Spotify™, or Hulu™ will still occur.

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