Real Estate Financing

Create places for families and spaces for businesses
Customizable, cost-effective solutions for housing and commercial projects

At ConnectOne, we offer a combination of competitively priced loans and expert advice from bankers who know the market and understand your construction and real estate needs.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

No matter your vision, we can tailor lending solutions to meet your needs. Our experts will assist you during every phase of the project and create tailored solutions to turn your blueprints into a reality.

Mixed-Use Building Loans

The trend toward people wanting to live closer to business centers and shopping areas has created a demand for mixed-use developments. If your plans are to combine housing with office, retail or entertainment space, you can benefit from our common-sense approach to buying or refinancing properties.

Multifamily Property

Whether you're eyeing a high-rise apartment building or rehabbed vintage building, our flexible loan terms provide multiple options for financing multi-unit properties.

Construction and Renovation Loans

Financing for a wide range of housing and commercial projects

  • Competitive rates and flexible terms
  • Expert advice to help businesses make good decisions

Standby Letters of Credit

Standby Letters of Credit put ConnectOne Bank's good faith behind your commitment. With these documents, you can push your project forward by assuring contractors, professionals and other parties with financial interests that they will receive payment for their work.

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