Consumer Loans

A wise way to pay for wheels, weddings and new wardrobes
Low-cost financing for basic needs or life's luxuries

No matter how successful you are, there may be moments in life when you need to borrow. With a ConnectOne personal loan, you can pay for wonderful weddings, big bar mitzvahs, nice furniture for that beautiful house or nicer clothes for that new job. Need a vehicle for carrying the family or commuting in New York or New Jersey? Our flexible auto loans make it easy for your to slide into that new sedan, sports car or SUV.

Personal Loans

  • Competitive interest rates and low closing costs
  • Flexible and convenient loan terms
  • Secured and unsecured loans available
  • Borrow to purchase big-ticket items or to pay for special occasions and vacations
  • Obtain money to consolidate debt, pay for college or cover medical bills

Auto Loans

  • Borrow to buy new or used vehicles
  • Low rates and flexible loan terms
  • Get pre-approved for loans for better negotiating leverage at dealership

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